Just Days After Parkland Shooting, Student Admitted to Bullying Shooter [Video]

With everything going on it shouldn’t be a surprise this “detail” was missed following the Parkland school shooting. Just days after the tragic event a rally was held where Parkland student Emma Gonzalez gave this impassioned speech, but also made a staggering admission that cannot be ignored.

Is it any wonder now why Emma, David Hogg, Cameron Kasky and the other students have remained silent over the last month about the shooter, Nikolas Cruz!? Based on the powerful people they are surrounded by, backed by Michael Bloomberg and George Soros, who are using them as pawns to advance an anti-gun agenda, they were probably told to be quiet about their interactions with Cruz!

This appears to be the only time we learn the truth about how these kids interacted with the killer “..since he was in middle school.” They knew he had mental problems, being the weird scary kid. So by her own admission they ostracized him. It’s now safe to assume they added to his mental instability that led to 17 people being killed. You have to wonder what they did to him over the years for it to get to a point he posted on social media he wanted to be a profession school shooter.

They may be teens but that doesn’t excuse them from their behavior, nor the killers. Gonzales and other students bullied that kid to a breaking point, “.. Those talking about how we should’ve NOT ostracized him – you didn’t know this kid .. okay, we did!

We hear about all these anti-bullying campaigns over the years at schools, apparently the kids aren’t paying attention.
A little advice: if you know someone has mental health issues, even acting crazy, it’s probably not wise to tease and bully them!

So Ms Gonzalez, and company, before you point the finger of blame at the NRA and Dana Loesch, you might want to take a look in the mirror. This video tells a lot of us, per your charges, if Loesch and the NRA have blood on their hands then so do you and your school mates!

The blame is on everyone from the school administration, Broward Sheriff’s Dept, the FBI and yes, to a degree, the students.

Sorry not sorry for saying this. People need to learn when to stop pushing other people, especially when you know something is wrong with them, to a breaking point.