Fmr SCOTUS Justice Call to Repeal 2nd Amendment Just Did Pro-Gun Americans a Favor [Video]

For years liberals have denied they want to do away with the Second Amendment and take guns away from law-abiding Americans. After every terror attack or mass shooting there was always a few who would cry out for repealing 2A, others that just want some “common sense” reform, while others ranted against certain weapons, like the AR-15, magazine size and accessories.

But then the Parkland school shooting happened where the gun control lobby saw opportunity they didn’t see in the past: child activists. Very quickly groups, backed by George Soros and Michael Bloomberg, swooped in to co-opt and coach these kids on what to do and say, going so far as organizing a nationwide rally, which was really nothing but a gun control rally. Seriously, do you think kids have the know-how and means to get permits, book and arrange security for celebrity guests, banners, flyers, that podium looked custom-built and all the other work necessary in less than a month across the US!?

This movement inspired many to come out of the woodwork vowing allegiance and voicing out against the Second Amendment. That leads us to today, where former Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens called for the repeal of the Second Amendment in a NY Times Op-Ed. For those pointing out Steven’s is a Republican, he’s far from it, he could be considered a liberal Libertarian at best.


Steven’s piece, calling 2A a “relic of the 18th century” that should be repealed, did pro-gun activists a favor. He allowed liberals to finally come out of the shadows, admitting they’re all for it. You see they just needed someone to say what they were thinking and feeling all along. In effect they’ve all outed themselves as liars because over the years they’ve swore up and down “No one wants to take your guns away.” Oh YES they do! It’s all they talk about only to deny under the same breath.

The Second Amendment will not be repealed because it requires 2/3 of the House and Senate as well 3/4 of the States approval. Those who are pro-2A should thank Steven’s for smoking out all the liars and frauds. The best part of this is now is that liberals have nowhere to hide after celebrating!If the GOP were smart they would save every single video clip of lawmakers supporting this Op-Ed, their tweets, and statements and then run them during the midterm election season, that will be quickly upon us.

The Left wants you disarmed America. Those with the guns have all the power, which is exactly why the Founders created it. In the system of Checks and Balances, 2A is the power of the People over a tyrannical government. What you’re witnessing right now is exactly why we have it. The mass shootings and terror attacks, along with elected leaders calling for disarming prove the govt is incapable of protecting us.

Remember without 2A there is no Bill of Rights, liberals who hate the Constitution know this, thus the celebration.

Don’t ever give up your guns, buy more and lots of ammo… it makes liberals crazy!