Hateful Democrats Attending SOTU Remained Defiant During “USA, USA” Chants [Video]

If there was any doubt whose side democrats are on this should make it clear it’s not you, me or this country. The democrat party is so bitter, so hateful many chose to not even stand up when chants of “USA, USA” broke out as Pres Trump spoke highly of our great country. They didn’t have to applause or join in with the chant but show some respect for the country they swore an oath to protect and at least stand up!!

Again some did, many like Sen Kamala Harris (CA) did it with total dismay on their face. But the hateful, spiteful display the democrats put on during the State of the Union address was beyond disgraceful.

For the record, when Pres Trump spoke about stopping criminal illegal immigration, pointing out and targeting MS-13, the dems again sat and remained silent. That telegraphed a clear message to the American people their willing to put our safety at risk for political power. Shame on each and every one of them and SHAME on their supporters who turn a blind-eye to this national threat.