MSNBC Panel Calls For ‘Revolution’ Against ‘Dictator’ Trump Over FISA Memo Release [Video]

MSNBC’s Donny Deutsch had a bit of a meltdown following the release of the House Intel Committee’s FISA abuse memo. Apparently the abuse of power by Clinton and Obama sycophants within our government against private citizens and a Presidential candidate is a nothing burger. The real crime in Deutsch and co’s opinion was ‘Dictator’ Trump declassifying GOP Chair Devin Nunes’ memo that exposes corruption within the FBI and DOJ causing Deutsch to call for a revolution multiple times along with the panel agreeing!

Outing corruption is grounds for a revolution, but the outright abuse of power, by the Obama administration, where multiple federal agencies were weaponized against the people, for 8 years is okay? This revolution will be quite entertaining seeing that liberals hate guns. What are they going to do, throw their pink pussy hats and use foul language against their opposition?

Let me be one of many to remind Donny, MSNBC and anyone thinking this is a good idea:
You are picking a fight with the very people who have been buying guns and ammunition at record levels, and training heavily since 2009. Good Luck, you’re going to need it if by some act of God you are able to thwart law enforcement and government forces.