Dana Loesch: Democrats Will Destroy America To Spite Republicans [Video]

Radio host and NRA spokesperson, Dana Loesch weighed in on the Schumer Shutdown on NRA TV about the damage democrats are doing to America and the preferential treatment they are giving to illegal aliens. She points out Schumer caused the shutdown when there wasn’t even a DACA bill written to even debate, but was prepared to put withhold money from the military and children’s healthcare program

“You have Chuck Schumer and Dianne Feinstein and other party leadership in Washington D.C. that are taking a stand against American citizens for non-citizens and I think that priority is backwards.”

Democrats do not care about the debt as Loesch points out and they clearly do not care about the American people. Democrats care about illegal aliens because they want them to have voting rights so illegals will keep them in power. Look at every single dem stronghold is plagued with crime, lawlessness and a mountain of debt. Meanwhile they pander to their constituents always promising the world, never delivering. When voters question their intentions they play the poor me game and blame the GOP to trick voters to stay in power. Dems will destroy America if they ever hold the majority again in DC.