ALERT!! Repubs & Dems Intro Law That Will Essentially BAN ALL Semi-Auto Weapons! [Video]

2/21/18 – In the aftermath of Parkland HS shooting, Pres Trump is now open to a gun ban like the bills below proposed by both Republicans and Democrats.
People shrugged their shoulders and choose not to share posts like this will be the same ones bitching in a few weeks or months “Why didnt anyone say anything!?
We did YOU just chose to blow off the warning “That won’t happen”

10/17/17 – Gun owners knew this was coming, after the tragic events of Las Vegas, from the gun grabbers in DC. What we didn’t expect is a gun grab spearheaded by Republicans (currently 21) working hand-in-hand with Democrats!! While the media and politicians are calling for a ban on bumpfire stocks, other politicians have been working on new legislation with open-ended, unspecific language. As MAC stresses, “Don’t watch this video and smile, and say ‘It’s never going to happen,’ that’s how we got the 1994 [Assault Weapons Ban] bill. It’s going to happen if you sit around and you’re complacent.”

Republican and Democrat politicians are deliberately leaving the language open by not defining any actual device used in/ with a firearm that increases its rate of fire. A semi-auto weapon will fire as fast as you can pull the trigger. Since politicians can’t.. refuse to define what a standard rate of fire is, nor are able to ban you or your finger, they leave legislation open so they can ban it all! Yes, right now the amendment specifically says “rifle”, but you know once they get this through, with little resistance, the door is open to go after semi-auto handguns, might as well include shotguns, as well. You know this to be true, Sen Feinstein, whose running for office again, made it clear she’d like to ban everything few years back.  As MAC explained with his example of bump firing, that means literally anything including a stick inserted into the trigger or even a belt loop would be considered a device!!

Now so we’re clear this bill being presented, HR 3999, appears to be an amendment to existing law – 18 U.S. Code Chapter 44 – FIREARMS § 922 – Unlawful acts. Rep Curbelo and other Republicans aren’t the only ones working on such a bill either. The Firearms Policy Coalition recently tweeted “operative language in a bill by @davidcicilline @tedlieu. This is NOT limited to #bumpstocks. Would affect many semi-auto parts.” HR3947 – Automatic Gunfire Prevention Act authored by Reps Ted Lieu (D-CA) and David Cicilline (D-RI), is quite short but has the support of 168 co-sponsors and calls for enforcement 180 days after enacted, Curbelo’s has 90 day.. so they’re looking to move fast on this!

Regardless of who, gun grabbers Left and Right (aka Progressives), are coming after everything that’s semi-auto. DO NOT LISTEN to the lies that the Second Amendment only applied to muskets or, I’ll give it to them, single shot weapons. As explained on this site, semi-autos existed in the 18th century! The Puckle Gun, invented 1718, Belton Flintlock, invented 1777, Nock Gun, invented 1779 and the  Girandoni Air Rifle9, invented 1779 ALL EXISTED prior to the ratification of the Second Amendment December 15th, 1791!

This is a big deal, you have to get active. You cannot sit around expecting others to do the fighting to preserve our God-given/ Natural rights. We have to make a lot of noise over this because NO ONE is talking about it. Otherwise, as MAC explained towards the end of the video, some bureaucrat with the sweep of a pen will ban it all!

Other popular YouTubers, Iraqveteran8888 & NutnFancy, are also calling for people to get active about this gun grab after seeing MAC’s video…

This is no game folks, DC is playing for keeps.

(Nutnfancy YOU SUCK for yanking the video)

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