Hollywood Elitist Julianne Moore Appears on ‘The View’ Pushing Gun Control [Video]

After appearing in Everytown’s anti-gun propaganda video, Hollywood elitist Julianne Moore appeared on The View to continue pushing for more gun control via subtle message in the name of gun safety.

No doubt Everytown gave her talking points to use, especially the car analogy: To Moore and the gun grabbing lobby the gun, which is a machine, is no different from a car, a machine as well. Everyone is allowed to drive but cars aren’t safe where seat belts, speed limits weren’t a must until laws got passed to make them safer! 

If true how come they never call for the banning of automobiles which are involved in more crimes and have claimed more lives than guns? Don’t they want Americans to be safe?

For the record, when Progressives, like Moore, say they want gun safety, what they really mean is they want gun bans, if not outright confiscation. Listen to Moore, she is more or less setting the stage for that very thing saying the anti-gun lobby wants to see gun registration, licensing, background checks (which we already have) and “limitations on the amount of firearms you can own”. This call for “limiting” how many guns you own is a stepping stone, since the Las Vegas attacker had an arsenal these elitists believe people should be limited in not only the number, but what kind of weapons people can have.

These are the things gun grabbers want and have done to get their list of who and what they have, before the next phase where weapons are confiscated. Remember Julianne Moore is an actress, a professional liar, this has nothing to do with safety but everything to do with disarming the American people.