Anti-Gun Hollywood Elitists Star in PSA Pushing Gun Control, Attacking the NRA [Video]

Two weeks after the Las Vegas attack, this PSA coming from Michael Bloomberg’s Everytown is right on schedule, starring anti-gun Hollywood elitists pushing gun control, asking people to “reject the NRA”.

These useful idiots want viewers to contact their representatives spewing a script prepared by Everytown stressing Congress to oppose the SHARE Act, opposition for conceal carry reciprocity, “reject the NRA’s dangerous agenda” and “put the safety of all Americans first”.

To this day we know nothing about the Las Vegas attack, from motive to what weapons (of the 23 found) were actually used. Leftists see the attack as an opportunity for more gun control by going after the silencer bill even though we know a silencer wasn’t used since we heard the gun fire. That’s okay because Hillary Clinton got the ball rolling making the very suggestion used in the PSA of how much worse it would have been had a silencer been used. The shooter bought all the weapons legally, yet these elitists feel the need to go after concealed carry as well.

“Put the safety of all Americans first.” How can that be when they want to deny people their right to carry outside the home? Let’s be honest most active shooter situations are over in about 5-7 minutes where police average response time is 9-12 minutes! When seconds count, help is minutes away. For the record LV police showed up AFTER the shooting stopped, SWAT apparently didn’t breach the room until an hour later! (depending on what timeline story they’re telling us)

It’s quite insulting, infuriating actually, to see people, with influence, who are guarded by men/ women with guns demanding average Americans be denied their right to self-protection!

Tell you what Hollywood, Michael Bloomberg, Shannon Watts and the rest of you elitist gun grabbers, when you get rid of your bodyguards, armed security patrol in your gated communities and the security systems in your homes then we’ll talk about disarming the American people. Until then in the words of Ted Nugent “Leave us the hell alone!”