Fmr Navy SEAL: All of Our Freedoms Are Connected [Video]

Fmr Navy SEAL Dom Raso delivers a truth bomb about how all our freedoms are connected and how they’re under threat from the media, celebs and anti-gun groups. As he argues everything we have and the people we are today are because of all of our freedoms and values, the Left clearly disagrees with and are actively trying to erase.

“We don’t just fight for our Second Amendment, we fight for our flag. We fight for our gun rights, we fight for free speech, we fight for freedom of our religion, we fight for our American values and we fight to keep America the greatest nation ever known to man. And we’re gonna continue to keep fighting because we aren’t limited to exercising just one of our freedoms”.

The Left only cares about their agenda, where these rights stand firmly in their way; from freedom of speech, religious rights and of course the Second Amendment. We have a responsibility to defend all of these rights and freedoms after so many gave everything they had to protect them, and this country from those who want to destroy them.