Dem Congresswoman Attacks Dana Loesch and NRA, “Domestic Security Threats” [Video]

Congresswoman Kathleen Rice (D-NY) took to Twitter to attack Dana Loesch and the NRA while Loesch was appearing on Tucker Carlson Tonight. As the segment closed about unhinged Hollywood liberals, guest host, Mark Steyn quickly asked her to respond to the tweet from the NY Rep.

Loesch didn’t seem surprised to be attacked by another anti-gun politician, where her followers and many NRA members have been slamming Rice since she launched the attack.

How is advocating for Americans Second Amendment rights and calling for the media to be held accountable a “domestic security threat”? Rice doesn’t seem to realize she has just started a war with 5 million plus members of the NRA(many democrats), and a spokeswoman who does not back down to Leftist bullies. It’s safe to assume Rice has no idea what she just did. Those who are law-abiding, pro-2A are not taking the abuse, name calling and demonizing anymore from elected leaders and the corrupt media.

Rep Rice you say we’re “domestic security threats”, prove it! By the way where the hell have you been when BLM, Antifa and other Leftist/ domestic terror groups have attacked people and destroyed property!?

The only “domestic security threats” are the violent, unhinged Left you enable!