Ashley Judd Gets Triggered After Airport Worker Calls Her “Sweetheart” [Video]

Oh no NASTY Ashley Judd has been triggered while going through an airport over from what it sounds like an airport worker (TSA?) going out of his way to be nice to a celebrity!

The worker was probably a big fan of Judd’s, caught up in the moment, where she chose to be an outright jerk to. Judd should have engaged the man in a polite way as she does when she meets star struck fans. But because she is filled with so much hate and progressive BS over her “personal space” and how she thinks she should be addressed, it went right over her head.

This “everyday sexism” she claims is a myth. Calling someone “sweetheart” is not sexist, nor is briefly touching someone. Maybe she was in the way, maybe he wanted to get a selfie with her and didn’t have the nerve. The brief touching may have been inappropriate, no one knows for sure in what context, it’s possible Judd is embellishing what actually happened to have an airport moment like Lena Dunham had that was quickly debunked. If she didn’t want to be controversial or make a big deal then why did she take to Facebook Live?!

One thing is for sure, the attitude Judd has is why so many people are just about at a point of absolute hate toward Hollywood elitists and radical Leftists like herself.

  • violetteal

    Is she so bitter and angry that this merits a “live post”?

    • Bruce A. Frank

      Apparently she thinks so!

  • porman

    If only he knew what a douche bag she really was…how she get work I’ll never know…I saw her turn against the POTUS a few months ago and I still can’t get that rant out of my mind she went from beautiful to ugly in minutes

  • Bruce A. Frank

    Wow, she really looks OLD there! It is likely that he DIDn’t recognize her…just thought she was a sweet little old lady whose day he would brighten with a complementary term of endearment! She needs to realize that it is not all about her. After all, she is not 22 anymore and her talent alone didn’t keep her employed all these many many long years!

    I used to be a fan. Her “nasty woman” rant gagged me like witnessing a putrefied hog falling of a gut wagon!