WTF… LACTATIA, 8 Year Old Superstar Drag Queen [Video]

Normally I don’t post material like this but this is disturbing. I get it I understand some people are born different, but there is no way this little boy has any understanding of sexuality and gender at 8 years old. Where does a kid learn to act like this, with the twang in his voice, the drawn out words and mannerisms?!

What could have been something started as innocent curiosity of a child may have been misinterpreted by the parents who now “encourage”, possibly pushing, this little boy into an alternative lifestyle. This kid needs counseling, not mommy doing his makeup.

Is this a form of child abuse?

Yea, yea he’s in Montreal, so what do you think there aren’t kids in the US the same way!?

Really at a loss for words…. this world has gone nuts.