‘This Isn’t a Gun Issue’, Dana Loesch Stomps on the Left Over Politicizing Alexandria Shooting For More Gun Control [Vid]

Before any of the facts were out about today’s shooting in Alexandria, VA, where republicans were practicing for their annual baseball game, democrats like Gov Terry McAuliffe ran to the cameras calling for more gun control.

Dana Loesch, appearing on Fox’s The Story, set the record straight over the left wanting to blame guns for the attack vs the hateful rhetoric that has in fact fueled acts of violence we’ve seen since Pres Trump was elected.

This nonsense from the left to always blame the Second Amendment, NRA, republicans and gun owners has to end. None of these were factors, nor anything else the left likes to pin on the “right” is to blame for today’s attack, some call an assassination. Divisive democrat leaders, Hollywood liberals and the media have been throwing red meat to their audience for since Pres Trump was elected as Loesch correctly pointed out.

It was just a matter of time until the hateful rhetoric from the left triggered one of their own to act out. The guns didn’t make James T. Hodgkinson open fire on republicans today. The hate he has been fed from extremists in the media, Hollywood and democrat party drove his rage into physical violent action.

I and law abiding gun owners will be damned if we allow anti-gun politicians run with this to infringe more on our Second Amendment… God Given rights.