Check Out Keanu Reeves Training For “John Wick 2” [Video]

Few months back Taran Tactical released video of Keanu Reeves training in 3-gun for John Wick 2 that blew people away. Here’s more footage of the The One training for the movie many are saying is better than the original!

Taran Butler: “He [Reeves] got really good over a period of 5 or 6 training sessions, and he is hands down the best weapons actor out there right now!”

JJ Perry, Stunt Co-Coordinator: “We brought Keanu out here 3 times a week, and his growth with gun play, it was almost exponential every other time he would come here!”

See, Keanu is like The One/ Neo from The Matrix!!

You can never get enough of Reeves running guns. The guy puts 110% into his characters and delivers a great performance.