Navy Admiral Burns Kaepernick in Pearl Harbor Anniversary Speech [Video]

Admiral Harry Harris, speaking at the Pearl Harbor anniversary ceremony, received a standing ovation for taking a direct shot at anti-American Colin Kaepernick, who refuses to stand during the national anthem. While people will argue it’s the 49’ers QB’s right, they do not understand the influence this anti-American has on others in which this disrespectful display has spread not only through professional athletes and some celebrities but to our youth.

Those in the spotlight whether they like it or not have a responsibility to set good examples for our youth. Every single time these people take a knee it is like spitting in the face of the warriors sitting in this ceremony (mind you warriors who stood in applause who can barely stand). Not only were they bombed, but they went on to fight and win WW2. Standing for the Flag during the national anthem is to show respect for their sacrifice and those who fell that our youth need to see and understand.

Kaepernick and his ilk know this but clearly don’t care. They to be treated like shit (‘scuse my French) until they stop being so disrespectful or since it’s so bad here they are free to leave! Either way All-American Patriot will continue to call these people out while calling for boycott against the NFL until it changes it’s anti-American policies. If you are watching/ attending games, buying memorabilia and the like shame on you!