Dopey Liberal Celebs Beg Repub Electors NOT to Vote for Trump [Video]

Liberals are trying every desperate measure they can think of to stop Pres-Elect Trump from taking office. Here’s the truth democrats are not telling people. Let’s assume the 50 democrat electors find 37 republican electors to join them to not for Trump when the Electoral College meets. Does anyone really believe these REPUBLICANS will vote for Hillary Clinton instead?! I don’t care what these celebrities are saying ‘I don’t want you to vote for Hillary Clinton’… the hell they don’t! Do you think these liberal celebrities would accept one of the other republican candidates who ran, or even Mike Pence!? Of course not, this is all a ruse.

But let’s play their game for a minute:
Okay, so now Trump is denied 270 electoral votes needed by this insurrection, the vote now goes to the House of Representatives. Guess what Martin Sheen, Debra Messing and company?! Republicans hold a majority in the House and will vote for Donald Trump as POTUS! The Senate, a republican majority as well, will vote for Mike Pence as Vice President. You will gain absolutely nothing from this other than adding to the divide that already exists in America.

The election is over. The American people have spoken, Donald Trump will be President. You are not going to put Hillary Clinton or anyone else into the White House.

Americans, don’t be fooled be clueless, uneducated, Hollywood celebrities and deceptive democrats trying to undermine the will of voters!

We need to organize some serious boycotts against any and all projects these people are involved in too!