Female Islamic Scholar Says Muslims Can Rape ‘Non-Muslim Women’


Here ya go libs, hear it from an Islamic scholar as to why women are being attacked in Europe (and eventually the US). Go ahead tell us how wrong we are that Islam is a religion of peace. Tell us we are bigots for wanting to keep Islamists from being brought into the US.

Liberals, you can patronize Islamists all you want trying to be their friends but when it comes down to it they are bound by Sharia Law. The same law that says you the non-believer have three choices:

1) Convert to Islam
2) Pay the Islamic tax (Jizya)
3) Fight aka DIE!

That’s it, these are the only options. With regards to fight (die) when they kill the men they will take our women (regardless of age) and turn them into sex slaves. Women are looked at as property and sexual toys to radical Islamists, thus this woman saying Muslims can rape ‘non-Muslim women’.

From vid descr: “A ‘moderate’ female professor from Al-Azhar university in Egypt, a mainstream institution of Islamic scholarship, argues that Jewish women in Israel should be targeted for systematic rape and sexual slavery.”