AZ Sheriff Challenges Obama On What Executive Actions Would Have Stopped Mass Shootings

AZ Sheriff Paul Babeu asked the President a direct question and he chose to dodge and spin. There is nothing any politician can do to make a criminal or someone with mental illness to follow the law. That said their quest to make it harder for people to gain access to firearms makes no sense since criminals and mentally ill don’t go to the local gun shop or gun show to buy a weapon.

Pres Obama should be laying out new harsher penalties for those committing a crimes with a gun. Let’s start out by making crimes committed with a gun a federal offense with minimum 5 year sentence. How about putting more teeth into existing laws vs writing new ones that only punish the law-abiding Mr President?

A national ccw/ right to carry needs to be passed as well since many states are “infringing” on Americans Second Amendment rights by making it extremely difficult if not impossible to acquire a concealed carry license. There are plenty of stories about citizens like Nick Meli who stopped killers.