Rush: Obama More Dangerous Now Than He’s Ever Been

Rush is right, everyone is dismissing Pres Obama for ignoring serious issues in America. He is putting priority on trivial issues like climate change, calling ISIS JV team and not acknowledging threats to the homeland where everyone is writing him off.

Perfect example of the danger coming: While the FBI was announcing the San Bernardino shooting was a terrorist attack he and Valerie Jarrett had a meeting with Gabby Giffords and Mark Kelly about gun control. You can be sure they are crafting an Executive Order(s) to go after Americans gun rights.

Pres Obama said something has to be done to make things harder for the bad guys to get weapons. But since none of us know who the bad guys are anything he does will affect all of us! There is no doubt he will take a page from his former Chief of Staff’s, Rahm Emanuel, playbook to never let a good crisis go to waste. The Executive Branch has the power to make our lives miserable without Congressional approval through regulations. With terror attacks on the rise he will use them over a psychotic mass shooter to implement his anti-gun agenda via new regulations and fees! That America IMO is the how dangerous he will be that Rush is trying to express.