Pres Obama to Hollywood Celebs Call For More Gun Control & Blame the NRA After San Bernardino Attack

The bodies weren’t even cold before liberals went nuts calling for more gun control and some blaming the NRA for the attack in San Bernardino, CA.

Very early on, POTUS spoke to CBS calling for Congress to take steps (code language for more laws) to make America safer.

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton tweeted out a call for more gun control…

…while another candidate, Martin O’Malley, blamed the NRA with his call for more “gun safety” aka gun control.

Liberal Hollywood celebrities who live behind high walls in their mansions with state-of-the-art security systems and armed private security calling for more gun control and blame the NRA.

Rose McGowan

As if McGowan has room to talk with the violent movies she does!!

And there were of course countless numbers of these peoples progressive followers uttering lies, misinformation not to mention some very vile obscene comments again calling for more gun control and blaming the NRA including Fox News’ Geraldo Rivera…

All of these people popped off without any facts and no knowledge of what happened nor gun laws in general, ignoring the fact that California has some of the strictest gun laws in the country!

These terrorists opened fired on 31 people, they reloaded and fired again. Right off the bat they broke a law most CA gun owners are familiar with when it comes to reloading a rifle. I’m sure the weapons used did not have a Bullet Button! What’s that? In CA you cannot just hit the magazine release button on a rifle with your finger to drop an empty magazine and insert a fresh loaded one. Rifle magazines must be “permanently attached”, only to be removed with a tool!

Next law they broke was the one concerning magazine capacity. The terrorists were firing more than 10 rounds from these long guns which means they had large capacity magazines which are banned by the state!

Dems calling for more gun laws have gotten their way most of the time. They wanted background checks, they got them; regardless of claims checks are not done. Democrats wanted 10 day waiting period, they got it. Democrats wanted to designate places as Gun-Free Zones, they got them. There are thousands of gun laws on the books and none of them could have stopped the maniac in Colorado nor what happened today.

Democrats won’t say it but the only law they want is the law that repeals the Second Amendment, bans all civilian firearms ordering immediate confiscation. That’s it!

Sorry democrats, Hollywood and anti-gun lobby but my right to defend myself with a gun supersedes your ignorance and irrational fear of guns.