Hillary Clinton Doesn’t Want Americans to Defend Themselves

Nice how Hillary Clinton uses a gun violence stat that completely misleads anyone who watched the democrat presidential candidate debate. The 33K people killed per year to gun violence figure she used includes those who commit suicide, accidental, police involved, criminal and self-defense shootings. Way to go Mrs Clinton living up to your reputation of a liar and manipulator for political gain. Build a coalition with the Muslim community?? WHAT? Making nice with moderate Muslims is not going to stop a terror cell from going active and repeating the San Bernardino attack or worse.

Why is it when there is a mass shooting or act or terrorism democrats first reaction is to punish Americans by taking away more of our rights? There are countless stories of how people armed with a gun, like Nick Meli, does make a difference. It’s not surprising that political elites with armed security are the ones telling us being armed to defend ourselves isn’t the solution.

Please Mrs Clinton, Sen Sanders and Mr O’Malley by all means campaign on more gun laws and disarming the American people after Paris and San Bernardino… go for it! Gun dealers love it and it forces MSM like New York Times and ABC/WaPo to admit the majority of Americans oppose a gun bans.


Second Poll Shows Americans Oppose Assault Weapons Ban for First Time Ever
A second national poll from a major media outlet in the past week has found a majority of Americans now oppose a ban on so-called assault weapons even after the New York Times published an editorial on its front page supporting it.

Fifty-three percent of respondents said they oppose a ban on assault weapons in an ABC/Washington Post poll released on Wednesday, an increase of more than 10 points since the last time the question was asked in 2013. Forty-five percent indicated they would support such a ban, a drop of 11 points in the same time period. The poll of 1,002 adults, conducted between December 10 and 13, has been asking the assault weapons ban question since 1994, when 80 percent of respondents supported a ban while only 18 percent said they opposed it…read more