Pop Star Hates America and American People… Fine THEN LEAVE!

Ariana Grande you hate this country and the people! Fine, that’s your right but step up be a big girl and get the hell out of the US you F-KING HYPOCRITE. Let’s see how far you make it without America, American media/ entertainment and the American people who have made you rich living in another country! Go to Venezuela, Brazil, Russia or a Middle Eastern country and show us how much better it is than the horrible country.

Since you hate us, renounce your citizenship TODAY give up the money and fame! Don’t send out your PR Manager, Agent or record label rep to do damage control either to insult our intelligence that your weren’t serious and “didn’t mean it”.

LEAVE! GET OUT and take the rest of Hollywood America hating elitists with you!

TMZ update: Grande issues BS apology claims she was talking about obesity…

What this is is damage control by her record label to make her statement appear to be about donuts & obesity! If this were true, why did she reportedly buy the donuts!? Sorry not buying the excuse.