Patriots Run Off Anti-American Flag Burning Commies in NYC

Anarchists and commies are so tough when they have media as an audience but as soon as Patriots show up they cut and run like the cockroaches they truly are. Yes you saw and heard it right, these America but more importantly NYPD haters had police escort them out too!

The person Todd Starnes talks about nailed it, anti-Americans may have the right to burn the flag but Patriots have a right to stop flag burnings! The commies who burn the American Flag do not have the brain cells to comprehend that Flag is a representation of the very blanket of freedom provided to them to be such low-lifes!

It would be nice to see more Americans rally to squash the sweeping “hate America” movement that has been on steroids for the last 6 years.

Sorry to say but ever since Pres Obama was elected these anti-American, self admitted anarchists and communists have been emboldened. But that is what we should expect from people who follow someone with the type of company he keeps, from Rev Wright to Bill Ayers.