4 Marines Were Killed in Gun Free Zone

First off YES Montel Williams we are going there…

How is it we trust our warriors with millions of dollars in weaponry and firepower but they cannot carry a weapon on US soil!? Does any of this make sense to anyone? As much as we want to point the finger of blame for this insane policy at Clinton according to the Blaze it was instituted when Bush Sr was President!

Progressives anti-gun agenda has done nothing but leave Americans (military & civilian) defenseless. I heard a witness to the attack today point out it took the police about 10-15 minutes to arrive after shots were fired. Newsflash! Whomever is on scene of a crisis is the first responder, which 99% of the time means it’s one of us.

There is no logical reason for US soldiers to be disarmed let alone the populace. We are living in very dangerous times yet a small segment of the population is hell-bent on infringing on our Second Amendment rights. Gun Free Zones are nothing but free killing zones for the lawless and evil-minded. The majority of mass shootings and attacks in the US have in fact occurred in gun free zones, from Luby’s to Aurora to Chattanooga. It is time to put an end to this insane policy.