Warren Calls For Gun Confiscation to End Gun Violence


During a town hall in Hanover, New Hampshire democrat presidential hopeful Elizabeth Warren called for a gun confiscation telling supporters she wants to “take weapons of war off our street.”

What is a weapon of war?
Spear/ stabbing type device
Flammable liquids/ incendiary devices
Various tools

All of the items above and many, many more have been used in war. “Weapons of war” is a made up term like “assault weapon” and “high capacity” magazines you will never be able to formerly define any and the language used is incredibly ambiguous and open-ended. Warren is in fact making a blanket statement to go after all semi-automatic weapons. Democrats want to disarm the American people so they can advance their socialist/ communist agenda an armed populace will resist.

Keep in mind people like Warren are the same people who say you can’t deport 11-20 million illegal aliens while under the same breath call for confiscating over 100,000,000 firearms from law-abiding Americans. If the democrats ever get that kind of power in government you can be sure NO American will willfully handover their weapons, without first giving their bullets!

This comment is stupid, irresponsible and an empty campaign promise. Regulating ammunition to outright disarming people is not going to end gun violence, it will only embolden criminals who will never follow any of these laws while leaving good Americans defenseless.

Oh one more thing, democrats and the media can no longer mock the Right saying, “no one want to take your guns away”, as almost every single dem candidate supports confiscation.

Here’s Warren’s full segment on gun violence