Sen Harris Vows to Use Executive Orders for Gun Control & Bring Back Assault Weapons Ban [Vid]


Democrats call Pres Trump a dictator and tyrant, but what Sen Kamala Harris is proposing here is tyranny. If elected, as POTUS, if Harris doesn’t get the legislation she wants within her first 100 days in office for gun control she’ll take the law into her hands and violate the Constitution.

We already have comprehensive background checks, and gun dealers do not have the ability to read people’s minds, nor possess a crystal ball to see what an individual will do with a firearm. This isn’t the Minority Report, we can’t stop crime before it happens.

What is an assault weapon? These politicians talk about weapons they don’t even understand how they basically operate. They are in fact conflating military grade weapons with select fire capable of firing from semiautomatic to full automatic, to those in the hands of civilians that are only semiautomatic. Just because a rifle is black, and looks similar to those used by the military and law enforcement doesn’t make it the same. And make no mistake, Harris’ intentions are not just against the evil black rifle, democrats have been talking about banning semiautos in general. The AR-15 is their gateway to total gun ban and confiscation of all weapons in the hands of civilians.

The best way to stop these tyrants in waiting is to make sure to vote for staunch Constitutional conservatives, and re-elect Pres Trump in 2020.