Sen Harris: “No Reason in a Civil Society” to Have Assault Weapons [Video]


The current, presumed democrat party 2020 front-runner Sen Kamala Harris held a town hall with CNN. She was asked a question about assault weapons where as you would expect we got double-talk but a clear message she would do everything in her power to disarm Americans.

The Senator is not being very honest as background checks are and have always been conducted. What Harris, and the democrats as whole, is doing is deliberately conflating private sales with commercial sales. As of now background checks are not required for private sales, ie between you and a family member, neighbor, close friend etc. In the most extreme example if she/ they got their way a background check would be required between yourself and a family member if there was a transfer of a weapon, be it a sale or gift!

The Left has a made a clear shift in their tactics on any given narrative from immigration to guns conflating legal and illegal information and putting feelings and emotions ahead of facts and reality. The Constitution reaffirms our God-given/ natural rights, it does not create and grant them. The Left believes the latter, thus their desire to take weapons away from everyone and only arm those they deem as safe.

Harris wants the ability to decide what you can or cannot have when she claims you can be in favor of the Second Amendment but there’s “No reason in a civil society” to have assault weapons.

With her analogy of putting lawmakers in a room with photos of shooting victims, why don’t they do that for those supporting abortion??

The tragedies she speaks of many times can be averted if law-abiding gun owners were not disarmed. Most mass shootings take place in democrats coveted Gun Free Zones. You never hear about a mass shooting at a gun range or a gun show do you!?

Harris like all dems will run on an anti-Second Amendment platform using the same language they use now for border security that they’re in favor of it but never go into specifics. Thats what Harris did here and will do many times for the next year.

She’s another Barack Obama/ Hillary Clinton on this issue. California gun owners have seen it firsthand, she’ll do everything in her power to disarm law-abiding Americans leaving them defenseless. Best way to stop her is vote for Pres Trump in 2020.