Fascist Democrat Congressman Calls to Confiscate Weapons, Threatens to Nuke Americans Who Resist

This site is not one to throw around words like fascist (that have been overused by the Left) but that is the only way to describe CA Congressman Eric Swalwell who wrote an op-ed in USA Today entitled “Ban assault weapons, buy them back, go after resisters.”

We’ve heard this nonsense from the Left over and over again while they swear to high heaven “no one wants to take your guns away”. Oh really, well here you have a sitting US Congressman calling for ban/ a mandatory buyback (at a fraction of their cost for most gun owners) aka confiscation ‘we should ban possession of military-style semiautomatic assault weapons, we should buy back such weapons from all who choose to abide by the law,’ otherwise ‘we should criminally prosecute any who choose to defy it by keeping their weapons’.

This fascist wants to ban a select group of guns over their appearance and a made of up term. If we play along with his word salad, that’s a very small segment of the market. What happens to the other weapons that don’t fit the definition but are just as lethal or even more powerful? Fear not as you can bet your last $1 the Left WILL go after ALL semi-automatic weapons. As for the idea of following Australia’s example, it’s failed and there are more weapons in the hands of people now.

The latter part of his statement is of greater concern, if that’s possible. As you would expect Swalwell got hammered online over talk of prosecution, but his response to one Twitter user just goes to show the elites want to hold all the power over the little guy, are not peaceful in any way and apparently prepared to use nukes against citizens who are defending their right to self-defense!


The Congressman is a poor student of military history, two countries come to mind:

Both nations have taken on the US military in possession of far more powerful weapons. You can drop all the bombs you want of any size, but fact remains you’re going to have to put boots on the ground. These two countries have proven that the will of the people, can put up one hell of a fight against a modern military. The Afghans in particular have fought off every major modern military for centuries!

As for Vietnam, Jesse Ventura (Yes, he is a jerk) had some words on that in 2008. Whether you like him or not, he is right….

What Swalwell is suggesting would send the US into an outright civil war, NOT a revolution, since the Democrat Party, as a whole, is salivating over the idea of disarming the People. We’re 10 days since the election where Dems won majority power back in the House and this is what they’re talking about. These people can NEVER be allowed to hold a super majority ever again as they did during Pres Obama’s first two years in office. If they were to get this power back you can be sure they’ll move to repeal the Second Amendment and confiscate ALL arms, not just the evil black rifles. How do we know this? Listen to the language they’re using, most talk in general terms attacking semi-auto weapons – that includes handguns, shotguns etc Swalwell claims, for now, you can keep.

Please don’t dismiss the Congressman, or others sharing his views. These people are dead serious, they want you disarmed and obedient or else!