Green Haired Leftist “Nonbinary” Monster Assaults Teen, Spits on His MAGA Hat [Video]


17-year-old Ashton Hess was in Seattle, WA waiting for a ride when a green haired Leftist monster, Ethan Jackson, who identifies as “nonbinary”, ‘was hit in the head. My hat was knocked on the ground and picked up by the girl you see at the beginning of the video. She threw the hat to the man with green hair and he took off with it. He spat on it and then threw it into the street. He continued to curse at and flip off my family.’

The green haired monster proudly took full responsibility for the attack on HIS twitter page…

Hess wearing the MAGA hat was all it took to trigger this unhinged Leftist, ‘I did absolutely nothing to provoke anyone around, and was completely blind sided when I was hit.’ Not surprising the monster ran away when Hess, his father and brother started after him, because Leftists have no balls to stand and fight. They routinely launch blindsided attacks, or attack those they oppose when they have larger numbers. These people are spineless and quite dangerous.

Sooner or later this severe case of Trump Derangement Syndrome is going to get someone seriously hurt or killed. When that happens there’s no turning back for the Left. They still have time to end these childish outbursts over their Queen’s loss in the 2016 election. Otherwise a real fight is coming and it won’t end well for the people who hate guns and don’t know which bathroom to use when they attempt to go toe-to-toe with those who have been buying guns and ammunition at record levels.