Hanoi Jane Says Trump’s SCOTUS Nominee ‘A Catastrophe’ For Everyone [Video]


This is rich, Hollywood communist sympathizer Hanoi Jane Fonda attacked President Trump over his SCOTUS nominee, Brett Kavanaugh, fear mongering that he would be a catastrophe for everyone. The President clearly made the right choice because Leftists have been losing their minds since he named Justice Kennedy’s successor.

It’s not much of a surprise to hear a communist sympathizer whine over a Constitutional originalist being selected to sit on the Supreme Court. These radicals hate the idea of the rule of law being upheld, they’d rather have an activist who is driven by feelings and emotion who bases their ruling on case-law than the Constitution. Leftist’s want to change America through judicial legislation so anyone like Kavanaugh is a threat to their agenda.

Women and workers will have the same rights they have today years from now. Fonda is just trying to insert herself in political debate trying to be relevant like her degenerate brother Peter Fonda.

Their father, Henry Fonda, is turning in his grave.