Ron Reagan Jr: Republicans Have to Be ‘Traitorous’ to Support Trump [Video]

On Saturday, Ron Reagan Jr, the Dark horse of the Reagan family, didn’t hesitate trashing Republicans who side with the President, suggesting they’re violating their principles and beliefs to get along. Reagan went as far to say those who are engaged in this behavior are traitorous to the US!

There is no proof whatsoever Pres Trump conducted any activity with the Russians. As a matter of fact, among the big news of the day former Trump foreign policy adviser, George Papadopoulos, who pleaded guilty to lying the FBI, attempted multiple times to set up meetings between the Trump campaign and the Russians only to be shot down on every attempt! That in itself is proof there is no collusion, but that doesn’t stop people, like Reagan, from pushing the narrative Pres Trump worked with the Russians and is a traitor for doing so.

Also the guilt by association goes both ways, it’s only a matter of time until we learn more about Hillary Clinton, Bob Mueller, Rod Rosenstein and others within the Obama administration who played a role in the Uranium One deal. Are they traitors for aiding the Russians in acquiring 20% of the US’ uranium production? Will democrats, the media and pundits who have come to Clinton’s defense be traitors as well? Don’t hold your breath for Reagan and MSNBC to make that charge.

The Left has drawn a line in the sand to agree with them and their ideology or else. This demonizing of people with opposing views, going so far as to call them traitors has to stop because it’s going to lead to more violence like we’ve seen from Berkeley, CA to Alexandria, VA.