Ellen DeGeneres Won’t Have Trump on Show, He’s “Dangerous for the Country” [Video]

Hollywood elitist, Ellen DeGeneres was speaking with Megyn Kelly about who she would or wouldn’t have as a guest on her show, and of course Pres Trump came up. Without hesitation DeGeneres vowed she would not have Trump on because she doesn’t want to give him a platform, has no admiration for him and feels he is not only a threat to the gay community but is apparently dangerous to the world!

To this day Pres Trump has done nothing to deserve the attacks and criticisms he has been receiving, especially from Hollywood elitists. DeGeneres suggests Trump is dividing us all, but that’s really not true. Those dividing the nation are people like her in Hollywood, the Democrat Party, mainstream media and the like. They have been pushing the hate to their uninformed and uneducated base on unfounded claims for over a year.  

Trump’s evil and dangerous, yet not one example is given. Meanwhile the audience claps away like mindless drones in agreement because Ellen says so!

Pres Trump isn’t a threat to America as progressives suggest him to be. Progressives, like Ellen, are a threat to America with their lies and propaganda.