Watch Patriots Confront Fake Homeless Woman Scamming People in Richmond, VA

While the majority of corner panhandlers are legit, there is a small segment of the population who have no soul like this woman confronted by American Patriots for scamming good-hearted people of Richmond, VA.

I detest people like this woman, I would welcome seeing each and every one of them locked up. What kind of vile human being pretends to be poor and homeless, who preys on hard-working Americans? This soulless excuse for a human being plays dumb and even has the audacity to play the victim! If she is on disability needing extra money where did she get the money for what appears to be a fairly new Fiat? How can she afford a cellphone? She also doesn’t appear to have any physical disabilities, as she seen jogging. BTW if she is so innocent why threaten to kill the guy filming?

Word to the wise, if you are the type who likes to help out the unfortunate, never, ever give them money. Get yourself a case of water bottles, nutrition bars, gift certificates for fast food restaurants etc, to hand out, but never give panhandlers money.


Well for one thing this shining example, but also because the dollar or two, or pocket change you do give could very well be used to finance their drug or alcohol addiction! They’re thirsty or hungry, feed them. They’re cold, give them a jacket or blanket, but do not give panhandlers money.

‼️UPDATE‼️: 40-year-old Micha Leigh Dominguez of Tappahannock, VA, the woman in this video, has been arrested, for disorderly conduct. There is justice in this crazy world.