For the 17th Straight Month Gun Sales Surge to Record Level

No surprise. People are paying attention, they see the writing on the wall and the dangers of this new world we’re living in. On one side our enemies are trying to kill us at every opportunity, while on the other side anti-gun politicians and activists are more or less helping them by pushing to disarm us through unconstitutional laws.

Let this also put liberal spin to rest, from the average anti-gun activist to the White House, that background checks are in fact conducted, we’re just shy of 2 million!

One thing missing from this report is ammo sales. I suggest folks stock up before supply drops and prices spike again with so many new gun owners. It wouldn’t hurt to learn how to do your own reloads either! You paid for that brass you’re leaving on the ground at the range, keep and reuse them!

Gun Sales Set Records in September
Record setting streak continues for 17th month
Washington Free Beacon
The FBI processed more gun-related background checks this September than any other on record, documents released on Monday show.

1,992,219 checks were conducted through the National Instant Criminal Background Check System, or NICS, last month. The number represents an increase of nearly 200,000 checks, or more than ten percent, over September 2015. September is the 17th month in a row to set a new record within its month, a streak dating back to May 2015.

The FBI’s accounting of how many NICS checks were processed in a month is considered one of the most accurate metrics for judging gun sales. Virtually all sales made through licensed gun dealers must include a NICS check. Some states require sales between private parties to include an NICS check as well…read more