After Dems Call For More Gun Control, Howard Stern Asks: ‘Do You Want a Fighting Chance or Not?’

[Language Warning]

Howard Stern made a great argument in favor of gun rights on his radio show following the knee-jerk reaction of democrats and liberals calling for more gun control and gun bans using the analogy of sheep [us] vs wolves [terrorists].

‘..see the wolves [terrorists] are always plotting, they’ll use box cutters they’ll use an airplane and fly it right into a building! They don’t need AR-15’s…’

It’s pure insanity to think disarming the public will stop terrorists in the US. None of these bans being proposed are going to stop the wolves! Take the guns away they’ll use box cutters or pressure cookers!

‘I don’t like violence, I don’t like any of this stuff but I consider myself a sheep and I want the police to protect me, I support the police and I want the government to protect me but guess what most of your politicians, as Bret can tell you, all have private security.’

This is key to understand the people wanting to disarm us to stop terrorists (again this is insane) all have private ARMED security!

This nonsense has to stop it’s not helping anyone, it’s clearly dividing the country even more than it already is. If you find yourself agreeing with democrats and liberals as Ralph, who calls in later in this clip, does consider Stern’s argument and this question he asks:

‘…you’re sitting a duck and well I’ll say to you if you’re a sitting duck do you want a fighting chance or not?’