Twitter Timeline Shows CNN is to Blame NOT Cruz Camp Over Carson Suspending Campaign Rumor

This fiasco with Dr Ben Carson and Sen Ted Cruz is just ridiculous. Sen Cruz played no role in what happened yet is being blamed by Dr Carson who suggests Ted Cruz is using dirty tactics. Dr Carson ignored Bill O’Reilly when he asked about this starting at CNN and the doctor continued on against Cruz going a step further comparing his tactics to those from Pres Obama:

This is petty, Dr Carson is carrying on like a child which will be the end of his presidential run. He had no chance of winning in Iowa, this Twitter fiasco probably didn’t matter much. I suspect he will bow out after NH or SC primaries.

Here’s the actual Twitter timeline proving the Cruz camp DID NOT start this. It would appear it is really the result of miscommunication between CNN and the Carson campaign with no ill intent from any of the parties:

Feb 1 4:43pm

Feb 1 4:46pm

Feb 1 4:52pm

Feb 1 5:08pm

Feb 1 5:19pm

Feb 1 5:20pm

So what can we learn from all of this? Dr Carson’s supporters and frankly Rep King should trust but verify before taking action on something they “heard” on social media! But for Dr Carson to pin this all on Sen Cruz and carry on as he has is unbecoming of an individual who wants to be POTUS. Like it or not this is politics, it’s not going to get cleaned up in one election, but let’s be clear Ted Cruz is NO Barack Obama.