Mark Levin: Cut Off Entitlements, Punish Employers Who Hire Illegals

The simplest solution to remove illegal aliens, as Mark Levin plainly explains, is to cut off the entitlements that are driving them here! If the free food, education, housing and medical care are stopped illegal aliens have no reason to come here! Couple that with the government enforcing the immigration laws on the books punishing those individuals and companies who hire illegal aliens the flow of illegals crossing the border would end because there would be no jobs for them. If life is made difficult for illegal aliens to be here by cutting off the free stuff and jobs they will self deport.

Self deportation would work if we had leaders willing to make it happen. But the leaders we have today are the ones responsible for all this “bait” drawing illegals across the border daily.

By the way this Deportation Force Donald Trump talks about, that liberals are up in arms over, already exists… it’s the Immigration and Customs Enforcement, or ICE!