Rush Limbaugh: It’s an Invasion, Not Immigration

Rush Limbaugh Show

Couldn’t agree more with Rush Limbaugh, the US is clearly being invaded. Our elected leaders in Washington DC do not seem to care… well actually they do. Both faces of the one party system are battling over illegal aliens like a trophy to win votes and remain in power. While illegal aliens as of now cannot vote those who can that are sensitive to this issue will vote for the party that gives away the most of the “farm” (rights & entitlements to illegals at taxpayers expense) on their behalf.

Americans are being sold out by the very people we entrusted to protect us. Our country is being invaded because Washington has made it easy for the invaders (illegal aliens) to cross our border and stay here. The laws to stop this invasion exist, we don’t need more or “comprehensive immigration reform”. We need leaders who will enforce the laws on the books , putting America first… but don’t hold your breath!

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