Glenn Beck: Confederate Flag is the Least of Our Problems

This opening rant by Glenn Beck from his radio show on the real problems going on in the US and around the world should make a lot of people whining about the Confederate flag feel like fools. We have very serious problems at our doorstep but you wouldn’t know it. The media keeps taking small isolated events and turns them into major news stories when they should be talking about the list Glenn Beck outlines.

  • Obamacare strangling companies wearing on the economy.
  • Financial experts warning people to prepare and have cash on hand.
  • US buried in debt at $18 trillion climbing.
  • Student loan bubble about to burst because people cant find jobs to pay for school.
  • ISIS living up to their promise of building a caliphate remaining unchallenged by the world body while they commit genocide.
  • Iran is going nuclear, their Parliament refusing inspections while they chant ‘Death to America’.
  • Russia continues to be defiant antagonizing our military.
  • Tension and division among Americans is getting worse as we’ve seen in Ferguson and Baltimore.

Glenn nailed it towards the end: “What are we doing? We are insane.”