Pres Trump Tells NRA 8 Year Assault on Second Amendment is Over, But It Isn’t At State Level! [Video]

Pres Trump told members of the NRA, at the Annual Meeting in Atlanta, Georgia, “The eight-year assault on your Second Amendment freedoms has come to a crashing end.”

While that may be true at the federal level, the progressive war against the Second Amendment continues on in progressives states (CA, CT, NY, NJ, MA etc). Citizens rights are being systematically chiseled away as progressive gun grabbers wait for the next mass shooting to unleash another salvo of gun restrictions.

California is one of the worst, while gun owners haven’t been completely stripped of their weapons, just yet, the one party rule state is clearly moving in that direction. Gov Brown signed 6 bills into law Jul 1, 2016 that have taken effect or will be in the near future. Law-abiding gun owners overnight with the sweep of a pen were turned into felons while more restrictions were put in place infringing on their 2A rights. CA’s legislators are quick to make the state a sanctuary state for illegal aliens, set criminals loose due to prison over-population while quietly disarming the people!

Pro-gun groups promise a fight, but let’s be honest countless cases remain on the docket for years. If Pres Trump is true to his word, then some federal laws need to be passed to protect gun rights and override rogue states like CA.