Hillary Clinton Calls For Reinstatement of Assault Weapons Ban

Why is the democrats solution to every mass shooting and terror attack always to takeaway more of our rights? How is taking the rights away (in this case Hillary Clinton calling for reinstating 1994 Assault Weapons Ban) from people who follow the law going to punish, hurt or stop the actions of criminals, the mentally ill and terrorists?

I’m so tired of this narrative from the left. My God-given/ Natural rights are not up for debate, nor does any politician have the right to take them away out of an overreaction from fear. We must remind these people they are our servants and have a duty to protect us. Restricting and taking our rights away is not a viable solution because these people who want to kill us do not follow the law! When the elites calling for gun bans give up their armed bodyguards, exotic security systems around their homes and their own weapons maybe we’ll have that conversation but not until then.

The Second Amendment is non-negotiable, it is the peoples last line of defense which “shall not be infringed”!