Tom Hanks: ‘Tyrant’ Trump ‘Denigrating’ Media Is ‘A Threat to Us All’ [Video]

More nonsense from Hollywood elitists who are masters of “Do as I say, not as I do”. Tom Hanks must have enough money because if this rant of his doesn’t cause a boycott against his new movie, with Meryl Streep, what will!?

The media is beyond corrupt and finally getting what they deserve. Pres Trump ‘denigrating’ them is not tyrannical or a threat to anyone. He is calling them out over the clear bias they have against them, and how many especially CNN are reporting fake news. Last time I checked their hate fest against him is still going full steam ahead. No one in the American news media has been silenced, no FCC licenses have been pulled and no one has been thrown in jail for acting like complete jerks and frankly extremely disrespectful towards the President.

Hanks and Streep are just throwing gasoline on a fire the media themselves set, trying to rile up their ilk. They hate they have put on clear display against Pres Trump is unprecedented, he will never get a fair shake from the media.

These monsters think because they pretended being someone of importance they are all-knowing, experts on the subject and arbiters of what is moral and decent. Their frauds, professional liars, caught up with their characters turning Americans off from their work. I was a fan of Hanks but like with de Niro I can’t watch him now because his radical beliefs will always go through the back of my mind.

We must organize boycotts against celebrities who carry on like this. The money supply must be cutoff not only from them but those who employ them. When the studios and money people take a hit they’ll get the hint, until then this garbage is going to continue.


h/t Newsbusters