GOP Rep Warns of Criminal Conspiracy to Undermine Pres Trump [Video]

Florida Rep Matt Gaetz has been making his rounds on news programs adamant the FISA memo will rock the DOJ and FBI over outright corruption and a criminal conspiracy to destroy the Trump presidency.

I believe there has been a criminal conspiracy underway to discredit and undermine the duly elected president of the United States you had a cabal of people who believed that it was their job to deprive the American people of the president they elected

This scandal that has been unfolding for months is staggering in size and scope. Uranium One, Clinton email scandal, Trump collusion investigation etc are all connected. We have people within the Dept of Justice acting in a concerted effort to destroy Pres Trump, that should scare Americans, as Rep Gaetz suggests. Why is this all happening? Because they don’t like him and wanted Hillary Clinton to win!

This is crazy and a disgraceful display of abuse of power by individuals entrusted to serve the American people. Many talk of a Constitutional crisis if Trump fires this person or that person, or does this or that. We already have a Constitutional crisis when members of the Dept of Justice, along with Congress members, a former presidential candidate and the media feel so bold they could take action to unseat the duly elected President of the United States!

Congress must act making the FISA memo public, and the attorney general must begin investigations and firings or he needs to be replaced.