Watch UC Berkeley Students Get Triggered From Very Sight of US Flag

Filmmaker Ami Horowitz conducted a social experiment at UC Berkeley to see how students would react to the US Flag. The students reacted as one would expect from a liberal indoctrination institution, as Horowitz put it, “The results were shocking. Be afraid. Be very afraid.”

Not surprising, these young communists in training had no problem with Horowitz as he flew the ISIS flag. These kids, this generation, didn’t learn to act like this growing up at home or while in elementary and high school.  Sure most probably grew up in a liberal home, but to be triggered like this, showing such detest over the sight of the American Flag, and not the ISIS flag, is a result of the hate being spewed in every college/ university classroom (regardless of the course)!

If you haven’t figured it out yet, keep your kids out of these “schools”, unless you want your kids to hate America and show disrespect for the very symbol of freedom they live under.