Handicap US Army Vet Stands Up to AntiFa After Being Called Anti-American! [Video]

Total respect goes out to this US Army veteran: #1 For showing up at this Berkeley protest proving the Patriot he is. #2 For standing up to this little AntiFa punk, who was being totally disrespectful to one of the individuals who has literally served for this country, providing the very blanket of freedom this punk and his commie pals abuse.

While there is no footage (yet) the vet also stated he ripped an American Flag from one of these anti-American bastards who surely would have burned it. The guy is in a wheel chair showing more guts than most! As stated in a previous post, the Sleeping Majority is wide awake.

(Side note: After the interview ends abruptly the videographer points out the police have abandoned the site, while these commies use fireworks (explosives), throw rocks and glass at the Trump Supporters.)