Clueless College Students Want Guns Banned They Know Nothing About

The anti-gun/ anti-Second Amendment propaganda coming out of special interest groups, the media and educators is apparently working. They have assured that people, in this case college students, are clueless about the guns they want banned. This just goes to show people know nothing about the causes they jump on board and champion. If you want to ban something at least know what you’re talking about, geez!

College and university campuses are no longer places to expand your mind and elevate yourself. They have become outright indoctrination camps. No doubt these students anti-gun brainwashing began in the public school system though since kids can now be suspended or expelled for drawing pictures or chewing Pop-TartsĀ® in the shape of guns!

For the record and some history kids since you’re not getting it from the educational system:
The evil black rifle aka AR-15 WAS NOT originally made for the military. Colt ORIGINALLY designed and marketed the AR-15 as a sporting & hunting rifle in 1963! The US Army adopted said weapon, got a fully automatic version called the M-16.

Colt AR mktd as hunting rifle BEFORE m16a1 used by military

When the Second Amendment was written and ratified in 1791 semiautomatic and automatic weapons had already existed!
Behold Exhibit “A” Puckle Gun, invented 1718

Puckle_gun_advertisementPuckle Gun replica

Exhibit “B” Belton Flintlock, invented 1777

Exhibit “C” Nock Gun, invented 1779

Exhibit “D” Girandoni Air Rifle, invented 1779