Chicago Activist Rips Jesse Jackson “Don’t Come Into Our Community… Go to Hell”

Wow I wish we could see more backlash like this from people in the black community against guys like Jesse Jackson. Activist Mark Carter is 100% right that Jackson, and the others like him, don’t care about the people they pander to. All they want is money, support or votes for their causes they claim to be in the name of the people. Yet look at the inner cities which are preyed on by race hustlers, they are and have been in horrible conditions with rampant crime, high unemployment and poor education. All these things I might add Jackson and his kind will blame white America over as they invoke “white privilege” or other slogans.

It’s going to take activists like this Carter to make the changes because a Ted Cruz, Rand Paul or even Jeb Bush will all be shouted down and dismissed. Heck I bet not even a Dr Ben Carson could go into these communities, that have been dominated by democrats and the grievance industry, to affect change! The turnaround has to come from within, when people open their eyes to see how badly they’ve been used guys like Jackson will have no one left to use.

ht RebelPundit