Dems Trying to Paint Kavanaugh as Unhinged, With Violent Temper [Video]


Well it’s been a hell of a couple of weeks over the Kavanaugh confirmation. Democrats are pulling every trick in the book to stop Brett Kavanaugh from being confirmed to the Supreme Court.

First he is called a rapist, with no proof or evidence other than Dr Ford’s claim. Next Kavanaugh is depicted as a drunk pervert by a fellow Yale student, who admits she has huge gaps in her memory. Then quickly after that claim he is labeled a rape party/ gang organizer, correct me if I’m wrong around the age of 16-17, holding rape parties for approximately 2-3 years while in high school. In the Senate Judiciary hearings he is targeted for these alleged acts of sexual misconduct and then whether he has a drinking problem. And now finally based on his genuine anger of being accused of all these things and expressing said anger in the hearing, the media and Leftists claim he is unhinged with a violent temper!!

Show me any man who will calmly sit back and take this kind of abuse with a smile on his face, while his wife and children are being subjected to heinous attacks from an unhinged mob!?
Frankly, Kavanaugh was quite tame during his testimony. Of course he’s angry, he has every right to be.

These media outlets and Leftists attacking Kavanaugh and using his genuine anger as some indicator he’s unstable is their attempt to in fact gaslight all of us that we don’t have the right to be upset, even holler, at others who have deliberately trashed our reputation, destroyed ones life and career for political expediency!

This is Leftists again trying to socially engineer how we are supposed to behave. They want us docile, sitting in corner taking their abuse saying “Yes thank you for setting me right, I’m so sorry for having an opinion that goes against the collective hive”.

Get angry America, and get even this November at the ballot box. Vote Red, unless you want to be put in corner told what to do, say, think and feel….